Spring Blessing Challenge

After attending a conference in San Antonio in February, I was challenged to do some good this Spring, and by “good” I mean that I was challenged to give back to those less fortunate than myself.

I have a passion for health, and I love sharing that passion with anyone who will listen. If you know me, you know this to be true! So, what could be better than to combine my love of sharing better health with a really great organization who blesses others continuously? Working with Young Living has been such an amazing journey, and as a company, they really excel at blessing their consultants. I am overwhelmed with the generosity shown to me by this company, and I wanted to give back by supporting their efforts in helping others around the world with the Young Living Foundation.

YLF 5 Major Projects

The Young Living Foundation gives back globally all year long. The super cool thing is that 100%, YES, 100% of all donations go straight to the people who need it. Not many other charitable organizations can claim that. Young Living’s vision has long been to bring pure essential oils to every home in the world. The Young Living Foundation is proud to help fulfill this vision throughout the developing world in several ways, including:

  • Donating products to Young Living members holding fundraisers, events to raise awareness, and overseas missions
  • Sponsoring auctions, events, and fundraisers hosted by members
  • Donating to domestic and global organizations
  • Partnering with non-profit organizations from Croatia to Uganda
  • Running the foundation’s flagship project, the Young Living Academy in Chongon, Ecuador

If you want to learn more about the Young Living Foundation, click here.

So, what is the challenge you ask?


I am going to donate 100% of the profits that I make from enrolling new members in the month of April to the Young Living Foundation. That means that if you join my Young Living team as a member in the month of April, you will be helping to give to an amazing organization who helps serve the extreme poor in Ecuador, Croatia, India and Africa.

What exactly will I be donating as far as my profit is concerned? Glad you asked! I make a flat $25 bonus for every new member that signs up on my team. I also make a 25% bonus from whatever you order in your first three months as a YL wholesale member. Those are the 2 bonuses that I will be donating 100% of in April.

How do I get started so I can help?

All of the details on how you can get started are explained here, and remember 100% of the income I earn during your enrollment period will be donated to help the orphans and the poor and those affected by natural disasters. If you want to schedule a time to meet with me to help you get signed up, you can contact me here and I will be happy to help you create your account!

Blessings as you start your new journey to better health!


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